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Summer School Registration FAQ

Registration opens on Wednesday, March 27

Summer Registration

Registration for Summer 2019 opens Wednesday, March 27. Course browsing opens January 21. Summer School is open to all university-level students, adult learners, and visiting students from other countries. Admission is not required to enroll.

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Where to Register

In person: University College Registration Office, 11 N. Jackson Rd, Ste. 1000, St. Louis, MO 63105.

Online: Register beginning March 27, 2019. 

Note: Graduate students from divisions other than University College or Graduate Arts & Sciences should contact the registrar in your Dean’s Office to register.

Summer Registration Deadlines


Session I

Session II

Session III

Session IV

Course Registration Begins March 27 March 27 March 27 March 27
Classes Begin May 20 June 10 June 10 July 15
Last day to drop & receive a lab fee refund May 23 June 14 June 17 July 19
Last day to register without a late fee & instructor approval May 23 June 14 June 17 July 19
Last day to drop without a "W" May 23 June 14 June 17 July 19
Last day to drop and receive a 100% refund May 23 June 14 June 17 July 19
Last day to drop and receive a 50% refund May 28 June 18 June 24 July 23
No refunds given after May 28 June 18 June 24 July 23
Last day to change grade option June 3 July 8 July 22 August 9
Last day to withdraw from courses June 3 July 8 July 29 August 9
Classes End June 7 July 12 August 2 August 15


Session 5 (Special Session)

  • If the course meets 3 days or fewer, it must be dropped prior to the start of course for 100% refund. Thereafter, no refund is applied. If the course mets for 4 calendar days up to 1 week, you have 24 hours after the first class to drop for 100% refund. Thereafter, no refund is applied.
  • If you are taking a Special Format course (for example, Weekend or Intensive Format) that meets 2-4 weeks, you have 48 hours after the first class to drop for 100% refund. Thereafter, no refund is applied
  • If the course meets for 5-6 weeks, you have 4 days after the first class to drop for 100% refund, and 8 days after the first class to drop for a 50% refund. Thereafter, no refund is applied.
  • If the course meets 7 weeks or more, you have 7 days after the first class to drop for 100% refund, and 14 days after the first class to drop with a 50% refund. Thereafter, no refund is applied. 


Maximum Credit Load

Summer school is challenging because of compressed time schedules for courses usually offered over a full semester. Therefore, we recommend that students carry no more than the maximum credit load for each session, indicated below:

Session I: Maximum of 4 units
Session II: Maximum of 7 units
Session III: Maximum of 7 units
Session IV: Maximum of 7 units

For any registration exceeding the maximum units, students will need special permission. Call (314) 935-4806 or (314) 935-4695 to make an appointment with the Assistant Dean of Summer School.

Drop Summer Courses

Courses dropped by the 100% refund deadline will not be reflected on the student record/transcript. Courses dropped after the 100% refund deadline will be shown as withdrawal (“W”) on the student record/transcript.

Notifying the instructor of your intent to drop, failing to attend class, or notifying the department by fax or phone is not considered an official withdrawal and may result in a failing grade and no tuition refund.

Students must login to WebSTAC with a WUSTL Key and password to drop courses.

Session V courses must be dropped manually using this form. Deliver the completed form to University College: January Hall, Room 20. You may also fax the completed form to (314) 935-6744. Your drop will be processed on the date it is received. Deadlines for Session V


Grade Options

Students may choose among three grading options during the summer session:

  • Letter Grade - yields GPA
  • Pass/Fail - no GPA
  • Audit

Students may choose the audit grade option if they do not seek academic credit for the course and do not wish to be responsible for all assignments. Students may not change their grade option after a certain date in each session. Please check with your academic advisor to determine whether there are additional restrictions on grading options for your school or major.

Course Cancelations and Time/Location Changes

Cancelations and changes will be posted online, and registered students will be notified by email. Tuition and fees are refunded in the event of a canceled course.

Independent Study

All independent study projects must be described and approved in writing by the independent study instructor and an academic advisor and are subject to approval by the Summer School Director and Registrar.

Download the independent study form

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are listed with each course on the registration site.

Arts & Sciences Day (“L”) courses

  • Undergraduate: $1180/unit
  • Graduate: $1420/unit

University College Evening (“U”) courses

  • Undergraduate: $665/unit
  • Graduate: Varies (Visit UCollege for details)

Special Audit

  • Undergraduate: $350 per course
  • Graduate: $550 per course

Note: Auditors pay the same fees as students taking the course for credit.


  • Lab / Materials Fees – $15-$350
  • Late Registration – $50
  • Late Payment – 5% of the outstanding balance (minimum $50)
  • Returned Check – $25

Payment Options

Students must pay in full (cash, check, credit card) or provide an approved alternate method of payment (financial aid, military benefit, WU tuition benefit or payroll deduction, graduate remission) prior to being registered. WashU day school students may choose the “Bill Me” option.

Students using the “Bill Me” payment option for summer courses will receive an electronic billing statement at the end of the month, which will include the outstanding balance and due date. Generally, the outstanding balance is due on or near the 20th of the following month, unless other arrangements have been made.

Financial Assistance

Matriculated Washington University students who are accepted into a degree program may apply for summer school financial assistance. Financial assistance is generally in the form of student loans. To be considered for loan assistance, students must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Current undergraduate students must be enrolled in and complete a minimum of 6 units of course work during summer semester with a C (2.0) minimum grade point average.
  • Current graduate students must be enrolled in and complete a minimum of 3 units of course work during the summer semester with a B (3.0) minimum grade point average. 

Students must complete a summer school aid application, which is available through Student Financial Services, and applications must be processed before the summer session in which you are taking courses ends.

University College students will find additional information on the University College website.

Federal regulations require that students receiving federal Title IV financial aid maintain satisfactory academic progress. Please visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress page on the Student Financial Services website for additional information about this requirement.

WashU Employee Tuition Benefits

Washington University provides its faculty and staff and their families with tuition assistance to foster their continuing education.

Learn more about this benefit

City Employee and School District Teachers & Staff Tuition Assistance Tuition Assistance

One of our goals at University College is to expand our academic outreach and provide access to high-quality education to a broad and diverse audience in the St. Louis region. We have a responsibility to contribute to the social, cultural, and economic health of the communities around us. One way to do that is to provide special educational opportunities for people whose work is central to the fabric of those communities and impacts many lives in important and powerful ways. 

University College offers classes at a reduced rate to city employees, public safety officers, and public school teachers and staff: half the standard University College tuition, which already provides a very affordable path to a Washington University degree. 

Learn more about this benefit

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